Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As if April hasn't already been crazy enough...

Levi scratched his eye on Monday, probably with some sand from the playground. I picked him up and noticed that his eye was very red, but not goopy, and it didn't seem to be bothering him at all. I figured it probably wasn't pinkeye (thankfully) and took him home. Tuesday morning, it still wasn't goopy (this is a good sign) and the redness had mellowed to a pink color. I took him to school and made an appointment with the pediatrician for today.

She looked at it, and decided to look very closely, since there seemed to be some bumps or something right next to his iris. She used an orange dye to color his eye, and then shone a blue light on it. Sure enough, those bumps showed up better, indicating that they were scratches in the white of his eye (or the sclera, for those who care for technical terms.) His cornea is smooth and scratch-free (hurray!), and the sclera will probably be fine. She prescribed some antibiotic ointment (the same stuff they put in newborns' eyes) and said for him to come back on Friday. At least it's nothing major.

I just hope this doesn't let May think it can start this way and then try to compete with April for the Crazy Month of the Year Award. Remember, I have to start packing soon.


  1. Sorry that Levi scratched his eye, but grateful that it was not any worse. Oh, the good old days when I had four little rascals running around the house and the things you children could get into.

    We wish you the best for the month of May.



  2. Ouch! My eye is totally watering as I read this! I hope he get feeling better about by Saturday! ;)

  3. Glad the scratch isn't any worse than it is! Thanks for the offer to hook me up with your beekeeping friend, but we aren't in the same state. But I do appreciate the offer!


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