Monday, April 27, 2009

We won 6 games straight!

Hi, guys, this is A.J.

My team, the Pirates, won 6 games straight! And we have one loss. We lost our second game against the A's. This is all the teams in the order we played them:
Cubs, A's, Padres, Angels, Dodgers. Then we have a little break.
These are my teammates:
Me, Amanda, Luke, Davis, Antonio, Jason, Matt, Johnny, Reese, Robin, Ryan, Demetrios, and Marty.
Two of my best friends is on the Angels. Two of my friends are on the Cubs. Christian and Caide are Cubs. Jaedon is an Angel, and so is Miles. One of my friends is on the A's. Oliver is on the A's. One of my friends is on the Dodgers, Xavier. Two of my friends are on the Padres, Chris and Chris.
We won the 6 games straight from the Cubs to the second Cubs. We lost our second game against the A's.
That's all. Bye, everybody.



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  1. Congratulations, A.J. on winning SIX games in a row! That is fantastic. I sure wish we could watch you play. Grandpa and I went to as many games as possible for your mommy, Uncle Jon, Uncle Jared and Aunt Hallie. We loved to watch them play and miss getting to see you play. We appreciate your stories so that we know what is going on in your life.

    You sure have a lot of friends, which makes you a very lucky young man. There is not enough money in the world to buy a true friend. You must be a tremendous person and a choice young man to have so many friends.

    Is your baseball season over, or will you be playing thru the Summer?

    Keep up the great job with your baseball team.


    Grandma and Grandpa


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