Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One did, and one didn't

Congratulations to Levi! He made the Shetland (coach pitch-level) tournament team! He is very excited, but he doesn't quite know what it means just yet. :)

They'll be going to three tournaments, but he'll only make two of them. He must have been good enough that they didn't care, because the initial information was adamant that you be available for everything. His first tournament is over Memorial Day weekend, so we'll see how they do and report back.

Sadly, A.J. did not make his team. He was on the bubble, but he's little, and they only would have put him on the bench. So, they just left him off. He was not happy about the decision. He didn't get angry and stomp around, but he was crying quietly. He's in the younger group, being 9 rather than 10. So there are a lot of boys older and bigger than he is. A.J., however, knows that he works harder than just about anyone and thinks that should make him more valuable. I agree, but I'm not coaching the team, and the guy who is coaching, well, he's a little loony. We weren't terribly surprised, but A.J. was terribly disappointed. Maybe next year.