Thursday, January 29, 2015

Three years...

It's now been three years since our last post. As you can imagine, an awful lot of life has happened in that time!

Instead of 1st and 5th graders, the boys are now 4th and 8th graders!

 A.J. is playing tenor sax in band, and made the all-region middle school band this year. He is on the yearbook staff as PhD: the Photo Dude. And he just made a Majors level select baseball team.

Levi has started guitar lessons with his favorite music teacher. He made the state archery tournament this year, and he, too, is playing select baseball.

 The big news at our house is their new little sister! Megan was born September 30 last year and is the perfect little addition to our family. She is such a happy little girl, and loves her daddy and her brothers and gives them big smiles when they come home every day.

 With all these changes, and a few others, it is definitely time to start blogging again. There will be lots of stories, and it will be a place for me to keep track of some things. I need to start figuring out some new recipes, as we start on a gluten-free diet for one of us, and that's a major challenge!

I know mom-blogging is probably going out of fashion a bit, so I hope I still have some readers!