Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awesome week

Hi, I'm A.J. and today I want to tell you about Boomers. Boomers has lots of games and some rides behind the castle. I played air hockey with Diego and Spencer. Brendan, Diego, Kyle and I played skeeball. I rode a tugboat ride outside and a driving ride. I also rode in the caboose of a little train. I had to spin myself in the teacups ride. Then I was so dizzy. I played more games inside after that. I won 22 tickets and I traded them for a prize. The prize was a tootsie roll. Tomorrow we are going to see "Space Chimps" in Azusa after we have lunch at Legends.

Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt!



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A lot of things about YCAMP

Hi again

Tomorrow I get to go to knott's berry farm. Today I did some moon to moon express activities and had lunch at travel town. Travel town has lots of trains. And after travel town we got to do choo-choo-chewing. We got to do something like counselor corner. Today we made a little star out of cardboard paper. We also got to listen to music and play freeze dance. And we made necklaces, some of us didn't finish because we wanted to go outside.

Yesterday we got to go swimming. On Thursday we are going to the Orange county fair. It has cool rides. And last time we went to Dockweiler beach I got to find sand crabs. They go underground so you can't catch them in water bottles. They sometimes move fast and sometimes slow. This week will be fun and I get to do fun stuff!



So life has been, um, exciting over the last few weeks. I had scientific diver training from June 28-July 13.

It was a great class, and exhausting.I learned a lot, and got very comfortable with my new gear that I got for Christmas.

In the middle of all this, A.J. had an unexpected medical issue come up. To understand the July incident, I have to tell you about a playground incident that happened back in May. A.J. and several classmates were playing kickball, and after A.J. kicked it, a boy we'll call David picked him up, and then dropped him. He landed on his chin, and promptly blacked out. He came to just seconds later, complained of pain in his leg, and soon thereafter was whisked up to the school in a wheelchair (which terrified his classmates). He sat in the office the rest of the day, while the staff tried to get a hold of somebody to pick him up. I was on an airplane, and Aaron was working at home, rather than the office. By the time either of us saw him, he seemed totally fine, and even told me the story himself when the boys came to pick me up from the airport. So, since he was back to normal, we didn't take him to the doctor.

Then, on July 4th, he and Aaron spent about 45 minutes playing basketball outside. When they came in for lunch, he proudly told me how he had beaten Aaron 88-86. He turned to go use the bathroom and collapsed in front of the bathroom door. We took him to the doctor the next day, who said that these incidents are likely not fainting spells, but seizures. So, she sent us to a neurologist who put him through a CT scan and an EEG. All exams came back normal, which is good, but we still don't know the actual cause of the events. So, while we hope they never happen again, we don't know what the future holds. We'll be letting the school know so they can be prepared.

Now you know what exciting things we've been doing, how bout you?

Monday, July 7, 2008

A baseball post.

hello again

I'm not talking about Y-CAMP I'm talking about baseball. I have 2 trophies and 2 game balls. I want to be on the cardinals and be number 42. My favorite position is pitcher. I'm practicing pitcher-catcher but Daddy sits criss-cross and throws it up in the air and I catch it. If it goes behind me, it's a home run. If I don't catch the ball, then it's a base hit. When I pitch to Daddy, then we're just playing pitcher-catcher, but when Daddy throws it into the air, now I call it home run-catcher.

Warning 1 car crashed on to the light pole last Sunday night. Today the pole came down. And now at 1:00 they're fixing the pole. I'm glad it's not leaning anymore.



Friday, July 4, 2008

all about ycamp.

HI i am a.j.

I started YCAMP last week. There are 70 kids in YCAMP. I made 3 new friends. The names are Gavin, Hunter, and Chance. Gavin and i make houses out of sticks. The sides of the tree roots are the sides of the houses. Me and Chance like to play games with each other. We like to play baseball, Connect 4, catch, frisbee, and sometimes soccer. We got to go to Dockweiler Beach last week and next week we will go to Adventure City and Scooter's Jungle. We get to eat at Shakey's pizza next week, too. Every Monday we get to go swimming at the Rose Bowl. Going to YCAMP makes me happy and it's fun.