Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer fun

I am sitting in the office with the window open, just listening to Levi and Aaron in the pool. What a great sound.

I promised some pics of Levi, so here you go!

First, Levi at one of A.J.'s ballgames.

Our old ward had a former Bishop who provided candy after church. Here is Levi after climbing into his trunk.

Levi and his beloved teacher, Miss Valerie.

Levi and his friends getting ready for their Webby performance.

And, finally, one of Aaron's co-workers took us to LegoLand. They have lifetime memberships and get lots of guest passes. This is the boys and Jill after going on a pirate ride. They got pretty wet. Thanks, Ngo family!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day of School! (FINALLY!)

Yes, here in Glendale, we really do go all the way to summer. Everyone else has been out for weeks now, and A.J. has been slogging through more homework. But, now he's out! Today was also Crazy Hair Day, the spirit day theme picked by the student council. So, we made his hair just like Yadier Molina's. He's the catcher for the Cardinals, and he has had great hair lately. We took several pictures, because this was his last day at Verdugo Woodlands Elementary. Since we moved, he'll be changing schools for next fall. So, here you go: the last day of school.

All of them sending off the year, sports-style.

Passing the time with the "Macarena."

A.J. and his teacher, Mrs. Lo.

And then, when we got home, A.J. wrote this little note on their easel. It says, "Levi is.....................(and a bunch more)...awesome." And so he is!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally, some pictures

We moved to a house with a pool, and it has been 60 degrees (at best) and drizzly since then. Not kidding. Today, it was finally sunny and I could get some decent pictures. So here you go.

First, to prove that it has actually been raining, a picture Aaron and Levi took yesterday of the raindrops on a spiderweb.

The view from our front door. Nice, isn't it? You'd never know we live 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles!

The view of our house from across the street (notice that there are mountains behind us, too!)

The living room (a little of it) and into the dining room. Please don't mind the mess, we're still unpacking.

The boys' bedroom. They picked out new comforters yesterday, and were quite happy to go to bed last night. Too bad we can't get new blankets every day! A.J. picked a sports theme, and Levi got a Cars blanket.

The backyard, viewed from behind the pool. A.J. has already spent a few hours throwing a tennis ball against the fence. And had to go get it from the neighbor's yard, too.

And, finally, one of the many flowers growing in our yard. This rose is in the backyard, next to the steps up to the pool.

I have tons (well over 100) of pictures of A.J. playing baseball, and some good ones of Levi lately, too. I'll post those throughout the week. Now that we have reliable internet again, the blog won't be so neglected.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We Are The Champions!

Hello more peoples.

My team is the hardest team to beat and do you know what that means? We are the champions! My team has 10 wins and 1 I say 1 loss. After that all of my team except for Amanda and Matt (Matthew) went to the park. My coach (Coach John) gave out our Pirate trophies. This was my 3rd trophy. This league ended May 30. I went home with Marty because my mom had to buy groceries. This was my best year ever!


Monday, June 1, 2009

We're home!

In our new house, even! Whew. It was nuts. We didn't even go that far, only about 5 miles. But, moving during the school year, with Aaron out of town for two weeks leading up to the move, turned out to be insane. But, it's done, and all our stuff (who knew we had so much?) is in our new place. Or the garage. There's still a lot in the garage.

All the beds are put together, and the TV is set up. We know where to place our priorities, don't we? But, the boys spent at least an hour in the back yard before church yesterday chasing/watching the squirrels run through our trees. We have several fruit trees: lemon, fig, and I think about 5 cumquat trees. Dad, you'll like cumquats, they taste like nectarines. My tomatoes are putting out fruit, but they're still totally green. And, we haven't had to turn on the AC once. Not even while working really hard and getting all hot and sweaty. It was awesome.

So, I'll get around to taking pictures, once I can reach my camera again. I know where it is, I just can't get to it until I put more stuff away.