Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day

I got flowers!

It was a rose "variety pack," and very beautiful.  They're still looking pretty good, even!

 A close-up of one of the peach-colored ones.

And, these pictures were taken with my new lens!  I got the camera body last Mother's Day, and have been using lenses owned by my lab ever since.  But, now that I'm graduating soon, I'll have to give the lenses back.  So I got a very nice 18-105mm lens.  I love it.  It sure makes taking all those baseball pictures easier. 

I also got a pot holder with Levi's hand painted on it and two lovely cards made by A.J.  It was a lovely Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of the Stars of the Game

Hello it's A.J. again.

I had a pretty good game today. On Thursday, I scraped both knees, the side of my right palm, and my pinkie so that made my game a bit hard. But that never stopped me. I pitched 1 inning, giving up one run. (My second lowest, 1st lowest 0 runs) When we were batting I got to hit. I bunted and was almost safe. If my bunt was a little bit softer, I would have been safe. I pitched for the next inning, but I got taken out because I was at 40 pitches. I got put at first base. The next inning I didn't play a position. Then I played center field. We got 3 outs. Then we were batting. I batted. When I was batting there was a man on third with two outs. I am the youngest kid on my team, so what do you expect? On the 2-1 pitch I hit a FLYBALL into left-center field off of a 10 year old boy that was around 5'2 I bet. I hit in our first run. Then when there was a man on first in the next inning he tried to steal. He was there way ahead of the ball but it got past the shortstop so I backed it up and there coaches were saying "go go go!" But the kid didn't listen because I was already tagging him and if he ran to third he would have been dead meat. Daddy said I was the Co-Star of the game. The final score was 9-3 and we were 3.

                                    Well see you next time.