Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Levi update...

Remember a couple of months ago, Levi had just turned four. Now, he has exploded, linguistically speaking. For the last couple of weeks, he has asked about what words mean and what "that" word is. Then, on Monday after pre-school, we were driving home when he says, "Mommy, what does 'on way' mean?"
me: On way? On way? "Oh, 'one way?'"
Levi: "yeah."

He had just read a "One Way" sign. Oh, dear. He's reading. And he's four. A full year and a half before he even starts kindergarten. We are in so much trouble. And so are his teachers.

We knew for a while that he could read his classmates' names. A few weeks ago, his teachers established a sticker chart, and when a child earns seven stickers, they get to choose a prize from the treasure chest. He likes to look at the chart and tell me how many stickers his friends have. And, he is always right.

But now, he's reading new and unfamiliar words. He's not reading lots or words, that I know of yet. But I'm guessing that by the end of the school year, he'll be reading full books (Dr. Seuss and others) without much trouble.

And by the way, we didn't ever work on this with him. We have never done any kind of flash cards, quizzed him on letters, or any other common method. In fact, when he was about two years old, he looked at the letter "G" that was sitting on the fridge and said, "G, guh." Not "G, juh." He already had figured out that G makes the "guh" (like in "gull") sound.

Let me just say it one more time.

Oh. No.


  1. So I have THREE very smart grandsons! Great job, Levi. Keep up the good work. Enjoy life. It is prescious.


    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Have fun keeping up with that little guy! :)

  3. Work with him five minutes a day and I bet he'll be reading more than Dr. Seuss books by the end of the year. This is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling my kids -- watching them learn to read, and seeing them really take off when it all clicks. All my kids have been early readers so far. It is so fun because you can give them a book and tell them to go read for a bit and you get some quiet time! Yay Levi!

  4. "Oh. No." I hear ya! James started to read at 4 too. He's still too smart for his own good at times. I don't ever think I'll be as smart as that boy...

  5. Well, he's got smart parents so you have no one to blame but yourselves, my friend!!!!! I love that this is the dilemma, though. Bring on the books! :)


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