Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My little man...

...just turned four! Levi's birthday is today, so I'll share a little bit of him with you.

Personality has been described as: expressive, vivacious, articulate, enthusiastic.

Energy level: very high, one of our friends always asks him to jump every time we see each other.

Interests: playing the Wii, especially boxing and bowling; chasing A.J. around the house, sometimes with their hoppity balls; painting and other artistic activities; and computer games.

Special Skills: charm, boy he can sure turn it on when he wants to; getting out of doing work, he likes to pretend he hasn't heard anyone ask to pick up, or that he can't do it; linguistics, his speech and language is so much farther along than A.J.'s was at the same age, and better than most other kids his age; happy to try new things, which A.J. usually isn't, so it's refreshing to suggest a new thing and have Levi respond with, "Okay!"

He can be such a sweet boy, and when I'm upset (often with their behavior), he often will continually ask me if I'm happy until I show I'm feeling good again. He is very attuned to people's feelings and moods. Levi is a very friendly boy, always willing to share and play well with the other kids at school. I'm so glad I get the chance to be his mom, no matter how challenging.


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