Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Basketball is awesome

Hi, this is A.J.

I played basketball at first and second recess today. At first recess, it was a tie, 8-8. At second recess, it was 10-2. My team won. My team was called the Lakers. The other team was called the Celtics. My team had Darwin, Nathan, me, Sedrik, and Alex. The other team had two very good players. Their names were Jacob and Trent. Jacob was a third grader. Trent was a second grader. All of my team were second graders. Darwin was a good player on my team. The first one is the best, all the way down to the fifth. Darwin, Nathan, Sedrik, me, and Alex. The other team was Jacob, Trent.



  1. It sounds like you had a great time playing basketball today, A.J. You must have a great time to be able to tie one game and win the second. Congratulations.

    How is everything with your family? Grandpa, Aunt Hallie and I had your Uncle Jared and cousin Gavin over on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Gavin's third birthday. We had a great time.

    Our three grandsons are growing up so fast.

    Have fun at school tomorrow. Give our love to Levi, your mommy and your daddy.


    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. AJ,
    Basketball is my favorite--better than baseball!
    A gal at work asked me if we want to buy her basketball standard....only $20. Do you think I can beat Grandpa?
    Grandma Pabst


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