Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little note...

The latest comment on my pictures post was from Sister Heydt. So here's a little note to her.

Sister Heydt,

You're right, I don't think I remember you. Our paths didn't cross long enough, since we moved days after I turned 6. However, I do remember the little house behind the church that we used for Primary. I remember having sharing time in the living room, and classes (which were combined, because of so few kids!) in the little bedrooms and the kitchen. And, you're probably right about the behavior, too. I'm sure Drew and Patrick weren't the best listeners. :) Yes, we knew Sabra and Bryan when we all were in the Bear Creek Ward. Aaron was their home teacher, and Sabra and I were in Primary together. We knew Bruce when he was little, he's about a year younger than our A.J. I'm really glad you commented, and please feel free to do it again!

Bethany Sudholt Pabst

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  1. Sister Heydt and Bethany,

    What a fun story. Bob and I both remember you and Sabra, Sister Heydt. Glad that you both are doing well. We appreciate your sweet comments about Bethany. She is a choice young woman and Aaron is a special young man. Of course we adore our two grandsons. We are fortunate to also have a grandson in Missouri. Gavin is Jared's son and he will turn three tomorrow.

    Thank you, Bethany, and Sis. Heydt for sharing some special times with us.


    Jan and Bob Sudholt


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