Monday, February 2, 2009

Mommy's birthday

Hi this is A.J.

It was mommy's birthday yesterday. We got a football cake with very thick grass. Mommy turned 29 years old. We got her a bath robe,a wii game, a waffle maker and a cup. We had balloons,but no party hats. Mommy had ice cream and cake.



  1. Sounds like you gave her a very good birthday AJ. You can plan my next birthday party ok!!!

  2. Wow, A.J., you guys did a great job for your mommy's birthday. The cake looked delicious! What a fun idea to have a Super Bowl cake since her birthday and the Super Bowl were the same day. We know your mommy enjoyed the birthday gifts, especially the bathrobe as she has had her old one for a very long time.

    We hope you guys will have a great week. Grandpa is doing better. The doctor was pleased at how well he is progressing from the broken rib injury. He hopes to go back to work after the 17th of February.

    Have fun at school, work hard.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  3. good timing superbowl birthday are the best... personally I watched the Puppy was great.

  4. AJ, you don't remember me (I'm Aidan's dad), but nice post. Happy b-day to your mom and hello to you.


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