Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hole in the Wall

Well, the rains have come to Southern California, which has sent us indoors-- causing our children to seek out new and innovative ways to entertain themselves under such restrictive boundaries that they're not used to. Most of their exertions have been in begging to play the Wii beyond all known limits of human/rectangular buttony thingy interaction capacities. The only capacities that have so far been reached are the parental capacities for hearing the Wii sports and Mario Cart Wii theme music, which has only resulted in artificial limits being placed on their Wii time by their parental units.

So what, oh what, do they do? These amazing children have invented ways to play the Wii without using the Wii. Now maybe they got the idea in its basic form from Aunt Brenda at Christmas time, who showed them how to pretend Wii box, where nobody gets hit. But they have carried the concept to it's furthest extreme. To wit, the children will play indoor versions of any sport--baseball, bowling, golf, volleyball, toy car racing, etc.--while "controlling" the other child with a pretend Wiimote and singing the corresponding theme music. Levi will loudly proclaim, "to make me jump, push B, and to make me run push up." And so the game goes, even while playing with small figurines in Sacrament meeting (especially the loudly proclaiming part, as any of you who know Levi know that the concept of whispering is completely lost on him and that when you tell him to whisper he looks at you like you've just asked him to eat a dirty sweatsock and ignores you completely).

Anyway, they discovered a new game tonight--it's a Japanese gameshow import picked up by Fox called Hole in the Wall. If you haven't seen it you'll get the entire gist of the game from this picture:

So it's great fun if you like walls with blocky people icon shaped holes sliding quickly towards you under duress of falling into a pool of greenish water if you don't make it through the hole, which our children invariably would like. So after watching an episode of the show this evening, they had to think of a way to play this game themselves. So they had me, dear old Dad, come at them holding an arrangement of pillows which they would attempt to jump over, under or through, lest I should knock them into the water. The next logical step as I see it is for them to play this game whilst controlling each other with a pretend Wiimote. If they ever come out with Hole in the Wall as an actual Wii game, I imagine they'd be all over it like a donkey on a waffle.


  1. My hubby loves his video games too. He played the Wii for 10 hours one day. Yep. 10 out of 24 hours devoted to the Wii! Lucky for me, I was not around to hear 10 hours of theme music. When I'm around, it's usually only 1-4 hours. Does the theme music sometimes get stuck in your head? That drives me crazy! ;)

  2. It sounds to me as though Levi has his own ideas of games to play and how to play them (while making AJ do the work)!

  3. Thanks everybody!

    I love hearing from you!


  4. Crack me up! Good for them for using their imaginations.

  5. That was just about the funniest thing I've ever read! We are so going to do the Wii game where we control each other. Maybe for family home eveing next week. I'll let you know how it goes.


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