Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas... and horses?

I finally have some pictures to post! We got some interesting ones over Christmas, and then last Saturday Levi's nursery teachers, Jeff and Brenda Barth, invited the kids and their families to spend an afternoon at the stables where she works training horses and riders. So here's a bunch from both.

First, Levi waving at me before his holiday show.

Then, Levi showing everyone the WALL-E movie he got, saying each time, "I'm so lucky! I got WALL-E!"

We got to see my younger brother Jared and his little boy Gavin (so cute!)

And hang out with my lovely Grandma, although I think she might have been a bit overwhelmed by the crazy energy of three young boys.

Then, we were off to Hannibal to see Aaron's family. Here are all of Susie's great-granchildren: A.J., Levi, Grant, Christina holding Christian, Shyanne, and Whitney.

All of the descendants of Joy and Al, plus the "out-laws" (can you find us? :):

Levi showing off his new octopus.

And A.J. playing Santa.

And finally, some pictures of the boys with the horses. Levi loved getting to feed them carrots and apples (two of his favorite foods!)

Here's Levi riding with Brenda, while Jeff is preparing to lift him off.

A.J. gets to ride by himself, since he's a big kid!

The kids also got to lead one of the horses. This is Levi looking particularly western (the boys wore their rainboots) while leading Cassie.

I hope all these were worth the wait!


  1. Great pictures! Always good to see family, always good to get back home and see...horses? Yep. :) Miss L

  2. Ooooo, my kids would be so jealous if they saw those pictures of him up on that horse. Fun, fun.


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