Monday, October 13, 2008

Too many people?

We've had two highway closures around us within a week. Last Wednesday morning, a motorcyclist was shot at about 2am on the interchange from one freeway to another, closing the only route through our valley other than our street. It was nuts. It was stop and go (mostly stop and stop) traffic in front of our place until 11:30. It's not even that bad at rush hour. Ever. It took 15 minutes to get to AJ's school, and we made it faster than we would have had we stayed in the car because we parked and walked. I got to Levi's school alright (it was against the traffic), but getting home took 30 minutes. This was after I took the neighborhood streets when I could and shaved off probably 15 minutes. These trips should take no more than 5 minutes. Even if I hit every single red light.

A wildfire started early Sunday morning that isn't all that close to us (if we end up in danger, all of Los Angeles has gone up in flames...not likely). However, it caused the closure of a highway starting in the same place as last week's, now going the other way. Traffic isn't so bad right where we are, but I bet if I tried to get to church it would be nearly impossible. Shutting down 15 miles of any highway in L.A. is guaranteed to cause chaos.

So all this got me thinking...what if L.A. ever has to evacuate? What if an earthquake destroys the interchange near us? It was kind of scary not even being able to get groceries last week. I could have easily gotten to the grocery store, but everything would have spoiled by the time I got home. I don't know the answers. I do know that it wouldn't matter if we lived in a larger valley with more surface streets, that just means vastly more people out on them. It just kinda makes me want to move to the boonies. Fewer people means fewer crazy traffic jams.


  1. Sorry that things have been rather rough for you all. We have wondered how close the fires are, so nice to know that you are ok. We hope they do not come any closer to you. Do you have a cooler that you can put food into so if you have a long drive home that it would not spoil? Just a thought.

    I-44 near Joplin (east bound) was closed for 24 hours because of a 10 vehicle pile up. Some of the trucks and cars caught on fire which did so much damage to the highway, that they had to close it for repairs. People had to go several miles out of their way. Not any fun.

    Please keep us posted and let us know how you are. doing with the fires. Please be careful. Love to all of you.

    Mom and Dad

  2. I hate traffic... but I just moved into the city to avoid it. now I have more routes to where I need to go than ever before. I think it helps that I am within 1 mile of 4 major interstates. so if one is closed I have other options. I do feel your traffic pain from the many many hours spent commuteing.


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