Monday, July 7, 2008

A baseball post.

hello again

I'm not talking about Y-CAMP I'm talking about baseball. I have 2 trophies and 2 game balls. I want to be on the cardinals and be number 42. My favorite position is pitcher. I'm practicing pitcher-catcher but Daddy sits criss-cross and throws it up in the air and I catch it. If it goes behind me, it's a home run. If I don't catch the ball, then it's a base hit. When I pitch to Daddy, then we're just playing pitcher-catcher, but when Daddy throws it into the air, now I call it home run-catcher.

Warning 1 car crashed on to the light pole last Sunday night. Today the pole came down. And now at 1:00 they're fixing the pole. I'm glad it's not leaning anymore.




  1. AJ,

    So you want to be a baseball player for the Cardinals? That sounds really great! Believe in your dreams and work hard. We are glad that you and your daddy play pitcher-catcher. That is a great way to develop your talents.

    Did the car hit the pole by your house? I bet that was scarey.

    Have a great week, AJ.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  2. Hi AJ,
    I like watching the cardnials play baseball too. I have gone to several games this year. Even a couple of games against the chicogo cubs. Baseball is a lot of fun. My dog So Tuguchi like baseball too. He mostly likes being an outfielder and catching balls that we throw to him. We are thinking about drafting (getting) a new dog...maybe name it Yadier Molina. If we do get a new dog it will be after august when we get back from vacation in colorado. Thanks for the friday posts we love them!!! Aunt Brenda


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