Friday, July 4, 2008

all about ycamp.

HI i am a.j.

I started YCAMP last week. There are 70 kids in YCAMP. I made 3 new friends. The names are Gavin, Hunter, and Chance. Gavin and i make houses out of sticks. The sides of the tree roots are the sides of the houses. Me and Chance like to play games with each other. We like to play baseball, Connect 4, catch, frisbee, and sometimes soccer. We got to go to Dockweiler Beach last week and next week we will go to Adventure City and Scooter's Jungle. We get to eat at Shakey's pizza next week, too. Every Monday we get to go swimming at the Rose Bowl. Going to YCAMP makes me happy and it's fun.



  1. Hi A.J. I am glad to hear that you like Y-camp. It sounds like you are having a fun summer. I love reading your posts they are fun. love, Aunt Brenda

  2. AJ,

    Grandpa and I are so happy that you are enjoying camp. You wrote an excellent story about camp. We can imagine the house you and your friends built from sticks. You sure are having a lot of fun. We hope you will have a great time next week at camp.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  3. thank you for the comment. i like your comment.


  4. AJ, do you like summer as much as I do. It sure sounds like it, I use to like to go to camp too.


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