Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So life has been, um, exciting over the last few weeks. I had scientific diver training from June 28-July 13.

It was a great class, and exhausting.I learned a lot, and got very comfortable with my new gear that I got for Christmas.

In the middle of all this, A.J. had an unexpected medical issue come up. To understand the July incident, I have to tell you about a playground incident that happened back in May. A.J. and several classmates were playing kickball, and after A.J. kicked it, a boy we'll call David picked him up, and then dropped him. He landed on his chin, and promptly blacked out. He came to just seconds later, complained of pain in his leg, and soon thereafter was whisked up to the school in a wheelchair (which terrified his classmates). He sat in the office the rest of the day, while the staff tried to get a hold of somebody to pick him up. I was on an airplane, and Aaron was working at home, rather than the office. By the time either of us saw him, he seemed totally fine, and even told me the story himself when the boys came to pick me up from the airport. So, since he was back to normal, we didn't take him to the doctor.

Then, on July 4th, he and Aaron spent about 45 minutes playing basketball outside. When they came in for lunch, he proudly told me how he had beaten Aaron 88-86. He turned to go use the bathroom and collapsed in front of the bathroom door. We took him to the doctor the next day, who said that these incidents are likely not fainting spells, but seizures. So, she sent us to a neurologist who put him through a CT scan and an EEG. All exams came back normal, which is good, but we still don't know the actual cause of the events. So, while we hope they never happen again, we don't know what the future holds. We'll be letting the school know so they can be prepared.

Now you know what exciting things we've been doing, how bout you?


  1. Bethany,

    We love your pictures and are happy that you are enjoying scuba diving. It sounds like a lot of fun.


    We are so sorry to hear about your accident with you friends at school and your fainting spell at your home. We hope that you will not have any more problems.

    I have to help two of our students to passed out by my office last year. They both passed out twice, so it was pretty scarey.

    We sure enjoy hearing about your activities at YCamp and hope that you will continue to enjoy going this summer.


    How do you like your daycare? We hear that you will get to start a new school soon. We hope that you will have a lot of fun in your new school.

    Hope all is well with you Aaron. How is your work going?

    We look forward to more blogs from all of you. Have a great week.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  2. Way cool scuba pictures!!! A.J.'s ordeal sounds scarey... let me know if I can be a resource... I happen to know a few neurologists... Hate that it is a wait and see if this happens again game. anyway.... its always good to read yourall blogs... you sound busy and like you are having fun... ttfn


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