Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Best Couple Ever...Jared and Shelby

My adorable brother Jared married sweet Shelby on June 18, and then had a ring ceremony and reception on the 25th. I knew she was a keeper after my Grandma's funeral in December. She sailed through that stressful time, and then through Christmas with us, too. Our family quirks (cause every family has some...some families have more than others) didn't scare her away, and she fit right in. Can you tell that I love her? :)

They asked me to take pictures for them at the temple, and I gladly did. Here are some of my favorites.

The super cute couple. They giggled through most of the pics. :)

Smiling faces, and the beauty of the temple all in one photo.
Simply love this photo. They clearly love each other an awful lot.

Meet Mr. Nubman. Jared lost part of his finger in a work accident a couple of years ago. He occasionally draws a face on the stub and calls it "Mr. Nubman." What a goof.

Shelby's great family that drove out for California to be there for her. That's her brother in the back, her mom in blue and her aunt on the right.

These are all the Sudholts that made it. Somehow we finally managed to get a nice picture. After Aunt Karen stopped making faces.  Left to right: cousin Emily, my mom Jan, my sister Hallie, Shelby, my brother "Uncle Jon," Jared, me, my dad Bob, and Aunt Karen.
Jared's sweet son Gavin, ring bearer for the ceremony at the reception.
Shelby's pretty little Jasmine, the flower girl.
I am so excited to have such a great sister-in-law. Their new family is beautiful, and I can't wait to watch them bloom and grow together.

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