Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baseball season is coming soon!

Baseball is almost here!  We got info for A.J.'s team today, and Levi's should be coming soon.  A.J. was a little bummed that his team won't have an MLB team name this year, but that's what happens when you move up a level.  The teams at his new level all have corporate sponsors.  His is the Bistagne Bros. Body Shop in Glendale.  They must really like baseball, they've sponsored a Foothill League team for at least the last four years.  It also appears that a son/grandson/nephew is in the Twins minor league system.  He is lucky enough to have four friends on the team, though.  One of them is from the Pirates last year, and we know he's pretty good.  And, since the manager backed out at the last minute, Aaron is now it.  He had signed up to be an assistant, but got an email yesterday from the league president asking if he'd be the manager.  I  think he's kind of excited about it.  :)

We think that Levi will be on the same team as another Pirate "little brother."  And, Coach John, the assistant from the Pirates is planning to coach that team.  So, we're looking forward to two great seasons this year.  Levi can't wait to get his uniform.  He's asked about it several times, and every time I say something about t-ball, he asks again.  And, he thinks he'll be the best player on his team.  We'll see about that.  :)


  1. Levi will probably be the most dramatic player on the team "OH WOW did you see me hit that ball?" Wish I could be out there to see them play

  2. Sound like A.J. is on a wonderful time and what an honor to have his dad be the coach. Way to go A.J. and Aaron. We look forward to hearing what team Levi will be on. We know both boys will do great. Have a fun season.
    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  3. Looking forward to seeing photos of your little guys in the uniforms! Go team force!


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