Monday, June 1, 2009

We're home!

In our new house, even! Whew. It was nuts. We didn't even go that far, only about 5 miles. But, moving during the school year, with Aaron out of town for two weeks leading up to the move, turned out to be insane. But, it's done, and all our stuff (who knew we had so much?) is in our new place. Or the garage. There's still a lot in the garage.

All the beds are put together, and the TV is set up. We know where to place our priorities, don't we? But, the boys spent at least an hour in the back yard before church yesterday chasing/watching the squirrels run through our trees. We have several fruit trees: lemon, fig, and I think about 5 cumquat trees. Dad, you'll like cumquats, they taste like nectarines. My tomatoes are putting out fruit, but they're still totally green. And, we haven't had to turn on the AC once. Not even while working really hard and getting all hot and sweaty. It was awesome.

So, I'll get around to taking pictures, once I can reach my camera again. I know where it is, I just can't get to it until I put more stuff away.


  1. 'Glad you made it the unpacking "fun" begins! Congrats again on the house.

  2. We are so happy to hear that your move was successful. We are jealous about all of the fruit you have. What a way to work on your food storage. We look forward to your pictures and hope to see your house in September.



  3. Yay!!! Welcome "home!" I'm so excited for you and all your extra space and FRUIT trees. A bonus!!! :)

  4. yeah for your new happy space free of blocked garages and street noise!

  5. Congratulations on making the move! I'm jealous of your fruit trees and tomato plants that are already getting fruit on them! Ahh, to have such nice weather that allows for those things to happen . . .


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