Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally, some pictures

We moved to a house with a pool, and it has been 60 degrees (at best) and drizzly since then. Not kidding. Today, it was finally sunny and I could get some decent pictures. So here you go.

First, to prove that it has actually been raining, a picture Aaron and Levi took yesterday of the raindrops on a spiderweb.

The view from our front door. Nice, isn't it? You'd never know we live 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles!

The view of our house from across the street (notice that there are mountains behind us, too!)

The living room (a little of it) and into the dining room. Please don't mind the mess, we're still unpacking.

The boys' bedroom. They picked out new comforters yesterday, and were quite happy to go to bed last night. Too bad we can't get new blankets every day! A.J. picked a sports theme, and Levi got a Cars blanket.

The backyard, viewed from behind the pool. A.J. has already spent a few hours throwing a tennis ball against the fence. And had to go get it from the neighbor's yard, too.

And, finally, one of the many flowers growing in our yard. This rose is in the backyard, next to the steps up to the pool.

I have tons (well over 100) of pictures of A.J. playing baseball, and some good ones of Levi lately, too. I'll post those throughout the week. Now that we have reliable internet again, the blog won't be so neglected.


  1. Wow. What a great set up! I am totally jealous of your pool!

  2. How fun! I hope you guys get to use the pool soon. :)

  3. Your home is lovely, Bethany. So happy that you found a place away from busy LA. I hope you can stay there for a long time.

    We put Jon in the Missouri River at Klondike about 5:20 PM yesterday. It will be fun following him on this trip. He made it to mile marker 46 last night.



  4. what a beautiful view. The pool looks lovely.... i'm sure you will enjoy

  5. Congratulations! It's a lovely home! What a great view and nice backyard!

  6. New house! How fun. It does take forever to unpack but it's worth it. What a fabulous view AND a pool, too? Wow. You know, I'm really, really pregnant and it's almost July. I wish I had a pool. :)



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