Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She's a Pro

So I do have this habit of buying things and using the nearest available holiday as an excuse, but in this case the Nikon D200 sale that Best Buy is running was just too good to pass up. I just didn't have a conveniently located holiday to blame the purchase on until Mother's day...or Easter I suppose. Didn't know when the sale was gonna end and I hadn't seen anything close to BB's price anywhere online, so I jumped at it. And I'm not cruel enough to hide it from her for three months, so as a result you will all be rewarded with much nicer photos.

We don't actually own any lenses for the thing yet, but Bethany's professor has sundry and vintage Nikkor lenses for lab use that she borrows freely. She took these great shots with it on Saturday:

We could never capture those kind of expressions with our lesser cameras. Professional looking, huh. Well that thought reminded me of our dinner conversation the other night. We have begun to structure our dinner conversations recently in order to keep the boys at the table longer and so that they recognize that it's a family time and a time to communicate and share our days with each other. The way it goes is that Bethany asks "who had a good day today," whereupon everybody raises their hands, A.J. and Levi usually most emphatically. Levi will then say "ask me about my day first," so we ask "what made your day good." And he tells us everything that he did or did not do that day. Yes the days can get repetitive, but those of you who know Levi will know that that fact won't prevent some pretty interesting zingers on a routine basis.

The other night he was giving us the rundown on his day and noticed mommy take a big drink of milk. "Wow, mommy, you're a great drinker. You're the best. You're a better drinker than even me or A.J or daddy. You're a pro of drinking." Now we haven't had regular tournaments in the house in quite a while but back when we did, A.J. was pretty tough to compete with:

But Levi was most impressed with mommy.

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  1. Your story about purchasing the camera is wonderful, Aaron. All of us are enjoying your purchase and Bethany's talent. Thank you for taking time to share stories and pictures of your family.

    We love the idea of sharing your day at the dinner table. What a rememberable time your sons are having with you and Bethany. We look forward to more precious stories like Bethany being a pro at drinking milk. That was darling.


    Mom and Dad Sudholt


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