Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sport snack time

My friend Miss L is just venturing into "big kid parenting" and the various activities of said big kids. She wondered about game snack assignments: what works, what doesn't. So, I'll share what we have seen (since we are on our third season of Little League, we must be experts) and then I'll ask for your suggestions in the comments.

What has worked:
juice boxes
(more of all those on hotter days)
granola/cereal bars
fruit roll-ups
muffins (especially for earlier game times)
crackers (goldfish, etc.)

Hit or miss:
fruit (though grapes or orange slices are usually winners)

Not so much:
cornuts (yuck. not many people's favorite, especially kids)
frozen pbj sandwich things (really?)

I'm not remembering much else at the moment. Anybody have other ideas?

Update: No, it doesn't have to be healthy. I've seen doughnuts, though, and that seems a little much. Run a bunch and then a blast of sugar and fat. Ugh. That's a tummyache waiting to happen.


  1. Are we just looking for healthy here? Because I've been known to throw in some rice crispy treats every once in awhile. The kids just finished playing a game where they expended all kinds of calories - I don't mind Alek getting something a little sweeter...especially since he doesn't get much of it at home. Also bags of Teddy Grahams work well too. Any of those single serve pack snacks really.
    If you're looking for healthy suggestions- then please, feel free to completely ignore my suggestions! :)

  2. Thank you!!!!!!! :) This is very very helpful.


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