Monday, January 26, 2009

Variety show

So, Levi finally got better, but not completely until Friday. I kept thinking he was well, so I sent him to school starting Tuesday, but maybe I shouldn't have. I don't think he was contagious, however, so I'm pretty sure he didn't pass it on. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he got to school Friday, when he was finally feeling pretty good, he whacked in the ear with a chair. Thankfully, I hadn't left yet, so I could help him get over that. Poor kid. On top of all that, his hamstrings have been cramping like mad this week. They wake him up at night, usually at about 11pm, 1am, 3am, and sometimes 4:30am. He doesn't often wake up at all those times, though he did once this week. I thought I was past the newborn stage, so I am not prepared for nights like that anymore! Let's hope this passes quickly. (And, yes Brenda, we have been using the "special lotion" every night. Sometimes twice.)

Yesterday, we went to two great events. The first was a pancake breakfast for A.J.'s school. They have regular and chocolate chip pancakes, served up by some of the dads. It's fun to see lots of friends, and to see the teachers outside of the classroom. We even have community members, with no current connection to the school, come out in support. (That's our friend Steve in the photo on the other blog.) Good times!

Then, in the evening, we attended a baptism for one of A.J.'s friends. Jenna was sooooooooo very excited about it. I played the piano for her, and Aaron sat with the boys. Can I just say how much I appreciate the person who put up the glass in front of the font? Levi and his friend Eric, Jenna's younger brother and the same age as Levi, would have absolutely been in the font without the glass there. We got there a little early, so the boys had plenty of time to check out the font and try to climb in it. They never managed it, thankfully. A.J. really enjoyed it, and was full of questions about his bapstism. I think the most important thing to him was making sure we could have a baptism party at our house afterwards, just like Jenna did. That's right, he's most concerned about the food. He did at least wonder about the musical number. For Jenna's baptism, she sang "I am a Child of God" and "I Love to See the Temple" while her older brother Alex accompanied her. A.J. was wondering what he should do for that part. I told him we can worry about that a little later. He doesn't get baptized until September, after all.

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday. Aaron left early this morning for a week of training in DC. Levi is pretty sad about it and keeps asking when Daddy will get home. The boys talked to him on the phone after we got home from church, and I think it helped Levi feel a little better. We all will miss him this week, and it will be nice to see him again on Friday.


  1. Aaron's in DC? Email me if you think he might want a home cooked meal while he's here, and I'll give you my cell phone number.

  2. Glass at the baptismal font...what a smart idea!

  3. I'm cracking up about the baptism thing. :) Hope you have a great week, even though Aaron is gone. It's hard doing the single parent thing, even temporarily.

    And, I used to have a potassium deficiency that caused me to get leg cramps and I ended up having to eat more bananas and other potassium rich food. Just wanted to pass that little gem along. Good luck!!!! :)

  4. Bethany! You're a blogger! I'm so excited to see this, and I am now going to go spend hours reading your previous posts. :)


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