Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We survived

With Veterans' Day on Tuesday this year, both the boys were off school Monday and Tuesday, I don't have classes on Mondays this quarter and also had Tuesday off, so Aaron took Monday off and we went camping. Our summer vacation ended up being a little crazier than relaxing and we really needed some quiet, non-stressful family time this fall. We went to a great campground in San Diego and roasted s'mores and hot dogs. Our tent withstood wind and rain (we didn't really even notice, but other campers weren't so lucky.) We went kayaking in Mission Bay and no one fell out of the boats. We've kayaked before, but those were more like canoes, these didn't really have sides, so I was a little nervous about Levi.

We even got to go to Seaworld, which the boys absolutely LOVED. They got sprayed by an orca, fed sea lions and dolphins, got to touch bat rays and dolphins, and Levi even got to hug Elmo and Zoey from Sesame Street. It is hands down better than Disneyworld. Fewer rides, but shorter waits that end with 25 minute shows rather than 2 minute Dumbo rides. Disney claims to foster a sense of wonder, but when you hear a little boy that has just been soaked by a whale's tail exclaim that he is now a whale because he is all wet or watch them snuggle with their whale and manatee at night or hear them tell the same stories again and again...and again, it becomes obvious that the best sense of wonder comes not from animated characters, but from the awe of God's creations. We had a great time.

We're all tired (I don't really know why I'm still up...oh, yeah, laundry) but I think we'll all be ready to head back to our routines tomorrow. I'll put up pictures whenever I get them off the camera, but I have to charge it first.


  1. We are so glad that you all had a great time at Sea World,camping and kayaking. We agree that God has created some wonderful animals and to be able to see it first hand and enjoy the beautiful nature, that is really choice. It was fun talking to A.J. and Levi and hear their excitement of camping and their anticipation of going to Sea World. That you for sharing their stories with us.


    Mom and Dad

  2. That sounds wonderful... I wish we had camped a few more times before winter settled in here.

  3. That part about God's creations was so beautiful! It almost made me tear up. Sniff sniff.


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