Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lots of pictures

We've been busy lately, and I finally have a few pictures to post. There are some videos, too, but they haven't been fixed up, so you'll just have to wait for those! Levi's preschool had a Halloween party. All the classes made their own costumes, Levi's class went as skittles.

We went on a mini-vacation over Veteran's Day weekend, and this is what we awoke to on Sunday morning.

And there was a lot of wildlife around the pond, egrets, herons, and these cute ducks.

Back at our campsite, Levi had just helped with the fire by adding that light colored log.

We went to SeaWorld, and got soaked by Shamu! Here's the after photo of the boys. We wore our raincoats, so we weren't really all that wet, but Levi was thrilled. After we got splashed, he yelled (because he can't use just a regular voice) "We just got all wet and now we are WHALES!"

SeaWorld even has a few rides, and the children's section is associated with Sesame Street. This is the boys on Oscar's Eel ride.


  1. Your pictures are priceless. We love your custom Levi. Did you get to pick the letter "S"? So glad that all of you enjoyed your trip. So you are now whales? That is darling. A.J., what did you think of the rides at Sea World? Looks like you had a great time. Aaron, we believe we spotted someone on your chin that we had not seen before. Looks nice.

  2. You guys have such cute boys. I love Levi's comment about being whales after getting wet. That is so great! Our two youngest girls are also at that stage where everything must be said in a very loud voice. It is funny sometimes:).
    Take Care,

  3. Your Boys are too cute! I can't believe how grown up AJ is. What cute stories....

  4. Love the skittles idea! I want to be a red one. Meg


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