Saturday, November 22, 2008

School Pictures!

We got the boys' school pictures last week, but we didn't have them scanned until a couple of days ago. This is Levi's first time getting his own pictures done, and I think he did really well. Here is his photo followed by his class picture. (Make sure you click on his individual photo to see his eyes, they look amazing.)

His teachers' names got switched, so Miss Valerie is on the left and Miss Nicole is on the right.

A.J. got to choose his background color and his pose this year. Don't know what's up with the smile.

This is first time his class has gathered for a photo. In the past they have just put all the kids' individual pics on one sheet. I kind of like this better, but it makes him look a little short, I think.


  1. Levi, you did a tremendous job in your picture. We love it. What wonderful classmakes and teachers you have.

    A.J., we also love your wonderful picture and the one of your classmakes. You chose a very pretty background and we love your pose. Your teacher is very pretty.

    Thank you for sharing these great pictures with us. We love them.

    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  2. I love your school pictures.... I can't believe you boys are growing up so fast!

  3. Those two are real lookers! It's a good thing most boys A.J.'s age still think girls are "icky." Girls are still "icky," right?! I guess I had my first "boyfriend" in first grade...if you can call passing notes and giving each other silly grins across the playground a relationship!!! ;)

  4. Girls are slightly icky, but there's certainly no interest in them as girls. Although one of his good friends is the girl next to him. And Sedrik on the other side is his friend that came to church last week.


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