Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's here!!!

Finally. We ordered the furniture quite a while ago, but one set was backordered, so the bunny called us to see if we wanted to pick out something else. He said they had a new set in that he would give us for the same price, even though the new one cost more. So last week we went in to see the new one. I wasn't totally sold on it in the showroom, but I'm glad we decided to take it. I really like it now. So, here are some pictures.

A.J. got our old dresser because the one he was using is near death. Understandably so, since it was my mother's when she was little, then moved all across the country with her family and ours (it's been to California twice now!)

And then, since everyone else got a new dresser, Levi thought he was getting one, too, so we painted his red. It was a boring brown before, and he says red is his favorite color.

As for the table, it is the one we ordered, and you can see that Levi doesn't like to put his dishes away after lunch.


  1. Yay for great furniture!!! Love the new bedroom set and, must say, love the bench with the dining room set! Wahoo that it's here in time for the holidays. :)

  2. Sorry to see my old chest of drawers go, but I certainly understand that it was old, as I am feeling ancient with a nasty case of bronchitis. No fun, that is for sure. I have been ill for 10 days. I hope I get better before the Thanksgiving Holidays, or I may have to go the way of the chest of drawers. :)

    I love your new furniture! Glad that A.J. has your old one as it is very nice too. I love the red on Levi's chest of drawers. Oh, by the way, Levi, just a suggestion, try to help your mommy by putting away your dishes. If everyone helps out, it makes life easier for everyone.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



  3. Beautiful! I love getting new furniture! :)

  4. Looks beautiful...dosen't feel so grown up? can't wait to see you all near christmas...

  5. Pretty Awesome!!! I love it. OH and tell Aaron I like the in the ear jell earphones


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