Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My thankful list

On Saturday my friend Laurenda passed on a gratitude challenge. Every day of November, make a list of three things you are thankful for, trying not to repeat any. (That's 90 blessings to count!) I thought I would post mine today.

1. I'm thankful the election is (almost) OVER.
2. I'm thankful for the opportunity to vote (though I'd like to have something better to choose between than stinking mold and stinking fungus.)
3. I'm thankful I live in the promised land and that God will not sacrifice this land even if there are only 10 righteous souls (and I know WAY more than 10!) Whew, I guess California won't fall into the ocean just yet.


  1. Hee-hee! :) I need to do my thankful list too. But I'm going to wait until the results come in...maybe I'll have more to be thankful for than I think. ;>)

  2. Soon you'll have a dream in which the Lord will tell you to pack your belongings and move out of California because it's going to be destroyed. Hope you don't have any Laman and Lemuel's in your family! :o)

  3. You are way more hopeful than I.


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