Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God moves in mysterious ways...

I have read many blogs in the last day or so whose writers are variously horrified, sad, scared, etc. because of the results of the national election yesterday. Let me give you a slightly different perspective, and you may feel less anxious. Let's call it the California perspective.

California is a very diverse state, in ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs (or not), and political perspective. It is widely known that recent immigrants and minority groups often vote for Democrats, and the minority status of Mr. Obama brought these groups to the polls like never before. These groups are often also very cognisant of the importance of family and of keeping families strong. So, while they voted for Obama, many also voted for Proposition 8. It is quite possible that the minority vote is what passed prop 8. I'm not saying that what happens in California is more important than what happens in the rest of the country (Californians just think it is,) but Obama has a finite amount of time he will be in office, while if prop 8 had failed, the consequences would have no end, either in time or in land it affects. Remember, too, that though the presidency and legislature is held by democrats, the supreme court helps to keep those groups in check. And, this court is currently approximately split along conservative/liberal lines. As many of you have mentioned, God is still really in charge. I have no doubt that He will allow us to make our own mistakes, but I do not believe He will forsake our national safety in the interest of keeping our standards.

So, I hope that we don't give in to the whims of this (or any) administration, but that, like Tami, we continue to let our voices be heard. Just remember that there may be reasons which are hidden to us for events in our country.


  1. Excellent thoughts. If everyone will pray for guidance for our leaders of our country, state, city, all the way to our families and ourselves, and then LISTEN to what Heavenly Father says, we as a country, state, city, family and individual will succeed.

  2. Thanks, Bethany. You have a really great perspective. :)

  3. Interesting perspective, but it is likely Obama will get to appoint two supreme court justices, and possible that it will actually be three. This means there will be nobody to keep him in check. Plus, wouldn't he have won even if CA had gone to McCain? I'm not sure, but I think so. But still, the perspective on the minority vote and prop 8 is interesting.

  4. Elaine,
    California hasn't voted for the Republican since, I don't know, before I was born? Obama would have won here regardless. However, he brought the minority groups to the polls and while there they voted on prop 8. That's what Obama did for California.

  5. It's making a little more sense to me now. And I agree that is a very good thing for CA, and a good thing for the rest of the nation since whatever happens in CA and NY tends to seep into the rest of the country eventually.


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