Saturday, October 25, 2008

New furniture

Well, we've got our furniture. Ordered, anyway. Many thanks to those of you who gave your input. Unfortunately, although we liked the looks, none were made with dovetailing or other key quality features. Since I did some woodworking in high school, I have a pretty good idea what I need to see before I'll buy. So, here's what we got.
The bed:

The Table:

AND, we got it from...

a bunny.

Yep, the bunny was our salesman. Great guy. And no, he didn't wear the bunny suit.


  1. We like your new furniture, Bethany. The delivery people will sure have a "fun" time trying to get it into your apartment.

    We hope that you will find a house you like, too. Are you looking in the area you currently live in, or do you want to move somewhere else?

    Have a great weekend.


    Mom and Dad


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