Friday, September 26, 2008

Some random bits

1. Last night the TV in Uncle Jon's room died.
Just suddenly stopped showing a picture and the little red light that says it's on, just flickered.
Levi, understandably, was very upset.
It's his favorite TV because he can fix the couch just so and lounge to his heart's content.
So, in the infinite wisdom of a three-year-old, he asked Aaron to pray for it.
I'm not sure Heavenly Father blesses dead TVs, because he probably would rather that we not watch so much TV and instead spend time with each other and the scriptures.
But, it was a good thought, and it shows that at least some of what we've been teaching him has sunk in.

2. A.J. saw a cardiologist yesterday.
She did several tests, a short EKG, an echocardiogram, and had him do a Holter test for 24 hours.
That is basically a 24 hour EKG, so he had some really sticky pads put on his chest with wires coming off that fed into a freestanding hard drive.
He got to skip bath last night (water and electrodes don't go well together), so he was pleased about that.
Sleeping was a little tricky, but he was out pretty quick.
He wore it to school all day, and his lovely teacher was happy to keep track of his activities all day.
I think he actually liked it a little, but he was certainly glad to take it off after school.
We still don't know what's going on, or why he fainted (he hasn't done it again after July), but the scariest diagnosis I was worried about isn't it.
No activity limitations yet.
Thank goodness.
The worst thing I can think of for A.J. would be for him to have to give up baseball.
He doesn't say "if I'm a major leaguer," he says, "when I'm a major leaguer..."
He spends as much time as he possibly can playing baseball, following baseball teams, or drawing pictures of baseball games.
He has even started keeping track of players' stats, simple ones, of course.
He loves baseball.
I hope he keeps that passion about it.
Here's a picture of him in his jammie pants and his Holter device.


  1. It really is scary stuff when your kid might have something wrong...but you know if it helps, I feel like AJ will be fine. And he will grow up to be a major leaguer!

  2. Levi, you are a wonderful young man. We are so thrilled that you asked your daddy to say a prayer about the TV. We hope that you will always pray, no matter what, during good times, hard times, funny times, and sad times. Life is not easy, but Heavenly Father is always with you and He knows what is best for you and your family.

    A.J., we really like your picture. Grandma had to wear a heart halter once and it was hard to sleep in it, but it sure is nice to get the results to know if your heart is ticking correctly or not. We look forward to hearing about the results. We look forward to watching you play baseball. That would really be a lot of fun.

    Thank you for your prayers about Aunt Karen. She had her heart procedure yesterday and they only found a couple of minor problems that do not need to be taken care of right now, so she can go ahead and schedule her hip replacement.

    We love you all and pray things will continue to go well for you.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  3. Hi,
    Sounds like you guys are keepin pretty busy... Glad to hear your commin home for christmas...can't wait to see you all.... hope AJ's tests cont. to go well... TTFN


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