Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He did it...AGAIN!

So I posted two weeks ago that Levi had made great strides in the potty training acheivements...and then he's just been doing it in his underwear since. grrr. I was getting really tired of seeing a bag in his cubby with the label "Levi - poop." And then, this morning he decided he needed to poop in the potty. Since he had already peed in his little potty and I hadn't been able to dump it yet, I convinced him to poop in the big potty. I went to check on A.J. and by the time I got back to the bathroom, he had already flushed. He said he did it, so he got his three M&M's, but I wasn't really sure.

Fast forward to the end of school...
The first thing he said to me was "Mommy, I poop in the potty at my school and I show it to Miss Acole (Nicole)!" Miss Nicole was not there, as they whittle down the staff as more kids leave throughout the afternoon. So, I think we're back on track. Let's hope we don't derail again.

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  1. Great Job, Levi!!!!!!!!! Believe me it is a lot more fun to poop in the potty, then it is to poop in your pants. I know when you are playing and having fun, that it is hard to stop and take time to poop in the potty, but believe me, you will feel a lot better when you do and you will feel even better about being a big boy. Keep up the great job, Levi.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt


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