Saturday, September 6, 2008


Levi finally pooped in the potty today. He has had absolutely no interest in that aspect of potty training until this week. He said way back in July that he would do it on Uncle Jon's birthday. That's August 7th, and this is September. But that's ok. Thursday at his new pre-school (which he absolutely loves) he was outside when he suddenly yelled "I have to poop in the potty!" (This is a first.) His teacher Miss Valerie ran him inside, where he sat on the potty for a whole minute, or so. (Another first.) Then, just this morning, I heard "I have to poop in the potty!" And a few minutes later came "I pooped in the potty! I pooped in the potty! I'm not small anymore, I'm bigger now!" I took him to wash his hands in our bathroom while Aaron wisely cleaned up his little potty. But, when Levi was done, he went and opened his potty and exclaimed, "Hey, where'd it go!?!" He wanted to save his poop, but I convinced him we could take a picture of him and his potty and save that instead. So we did.

Here's what Levi had to say about it: When I was pooping in potty, I was feeling proud. Then I got up and put my underwear on and wipe myself and wash my hands. After that I got three M&M's and made cookies. The End.


  1. Congratulations Levi, that is a very big step in a boys life. Keep poopin in the potty is a great way to live!

  2. Levi,

    Grandma and Grandpa are sooooooooo proud of you for going potty in the potty chair. You are really growing up. We are so happy that you like your new pre-school and that you are going so well there. Keep up the great job. We love you.

    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  3. Poopin in the Potty...congrats Levi. Reminds me of a book...Everybody Poops! It's a classic and one of my favs.


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