Saturday, August 2, 2008

Too much excitement?

So along with everything else that's been going on lately, we had even more excitement this week. Aaron's office picnic was on Thursday, so he took Levi to work with him and then they went to the picnic and party at lunchtime. Levi found some other kids running around the office and made some new friends. He was watching the Jungle Book, and a little girl heard the song "the Bear Necessities" and came in and said, "Hey, I know that song!" They marched up and down the hallway singing it together, but unfortunately Aaron didn't take the camera, so there's no video. They both had a lot of fun, with Levi managing to snatch three cupcakes for lunch. Three! The drive home, however, was not so fun. A truck turned left right in front of Aaron, who swerved and tried to stop, but clipped the back of the truck with the corner of his car. No one was hurt, just tore up his fender. Levi didn't seem to notice what was going on, until they were on their way home again, and he told Aaron very matter-of-factly that he shouldn't crash into cars. This morning, after being told that we were going to spend some time getting the car to the fix-it shop today, had more words of wisdom. "Daddy," he said, "you should drive more carefully and gently and when a car comes in front of you, you should use the honker button and the car will move to the left." Hopefully, Levi will never be in a wreck while he is behind the wheel, but we will remind him to take his own advice when he starts driving.

So, does anyone think it's possible to finish the summer without any more crazy things happening? We'd really like the relaxation part of summer to show up any time. The door is open and we are waiting...

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  1. Levi,

    We thoughts your comments to your daddy were really wise. We hope you will not be involved in more accidents. That can be very scarey. We try to drive carefully, but sometimes you cannot help hitting someone.

    We hope you are all having fun with Uncle Jon. Please tell your daddy happy birthday for us.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt


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