Monday, October 22, 2007

Mini Update

Just a little update this week to go with the little time I have. We went to a Halloween party a couple of weeks ago. The boys were pretty cute in their costumes, AJ is a blue crayon and Levi is a cowboy this year. I'll try to get some pictures up next week.

We've been watching the Indians play postseason baseball because AJ was an Indian during little league this year. So, now we're bummed that they've been eliminated. Since the Cardinals didn't even make it to the postseason, we've been consoling ourselves with the success of the Mizzou Tigers this season. They're currently ranked 13, higher than I've ever seen them receive. Pretty good, I'd say.

We're all doing well. School is good for AJ and me, Levi likes day-care, he even told me "That's my friend Alis" as I was picking him up tonight. Aaron is busy at work. We've managed to hold Family Home Evening for I think five consecutive weeks, so far. Here's to continuing that trend.

Good night all.


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