Monday, October 8, 2007

Emergency Preparedness

For Family Home Evening tonight, we focused on being prepared in case of an emergency. We decided where the safe places (and not so safe places) to be during an earthquake are in our house, and how to be safe in every room. We also picked a family meeting place in case of fire. Our property is small and on a busy street, so we picked out in front of our neighbor's house on the side street that borders our apartment. We practiced two fire scenarios and the boys did pretty well, though of course I wouldn't trust Levi to be able to do it on his own for a few more years, probably.

We have decided to try to post after each family home evening as a regular time to make updates on what has happened during the week. Some highlights from last week.....Levi actually told us ahead of time that he needed to go to the bathroom, and then managed to go in the potty, but then later, while naked, did not make the same decisions. Oh, well. The floor of the guest room is now very clean. The boys also grew out of all of their shoes this week, so they each got new sneakers and dress shoes on Saturday. I was nearly knocked out with a cold, so Aaron was on "chase Levi around the store and don't let him kill himself" duty. After a couple of hours of hunting, we were successful and went home. Whew. AJ is in size 1 now, so I can't say he's my little boy anymore, he's getting very tall, and his feet look enormous. He loves first grade (am I really old enough to have a first grader?!?) and his new classroom job for this next week is line leader. He is VERY excited about that. So far, he has told me all his jobs have been boring: door closer, line caboose, library attendant. I don't think those things sound boring, but what do I know, I haven't been in first grade in more than two decades.

Levi's language has developed pretty dramatically lately. In fact, right now he's asking Aaron if he would like to see the "giant meatballs" he has in the box he's carrying. They're just balls, but he has a very vivid imagination. He even thinks that there might be monsters under his bed, but his box spring lies directly on the floor, so those must be some pretty skinny monsters.

In our world, sports are rather important. First of all, MIZZOU slaughtered Nebraska Saturday night and is now ranked #11. Pretty good, considering the last few decades of mediocrity at best. AJ was an Indian during teeball, so he's pretty excited that they are in the postseason and about ready to trounce the Yankee's. Let's hope they make it all the way to the World Series and then he can talk about them as the "World Champions" like he did the Cardinals all year.

At any rate, all is going well for us. We hope it's going well for you, too.



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