Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's finished!

We finally, finally closed on Monday. That was awful. I never want to do it again. Good thing I like my new house!

 And, finally some pictures!

 First, the front: The house faces south, and we have no western windows. So, it doesn't heat up unnecessarily every afternoon! :)

Next: the music room. This was originally the dining room. But, the boys aren't allowed to eat over carpet, and the breakfast area is huge. And we needed a place to put the piano!

The kitchen, breakfast area/dining room and living room are one long room, which I love. Bring on the friends! And, I now have possibly the largest kitchen island ever.

Here is the living room. Yes, we already have a Texas star. It's an unwritten law around here that you must. (The master bedroom is through the little hallway on the right. And the boys' rooms are upstairs. Score!)

 The entryway. Music room is to the right, and the study is on the left.

The guest bathroom. It's small, but beautiful like all the bathrooms. 

This is the boys' homework/art room. The girls that lived here before left some magnetic boards and some cork boards. We're going to paint the dormer wall with chalkboard paint for some more art space.

Levi's room. He wants blues and greens for his paint colors. 

 A.J.'s room. There is a bed under there, I promise. :) He wants Cardinal red on one wall. Of course. Notice all three upstairs bedrooms have window seats. We love them. It's time to get cracking on some good comfy pillows!

Obviously, it's still a mess. Once we get some paint, and some pictures on the walls, it will really start feeling more like home. It's a beautiful house, and we feel really blessed to have it.


  1. Congrats on the house! I love that you already have a Texas star. It's so fun to settle in and make a place your own. Have fun!

  2. congrats! looks like that will be fun (and work!) to get all decorated and feeling like it's your own. i still have wallpaper to peel and walls to paint in my own house (8 years later!)

  3. Congrats on the house. It looks great!

  4. Love it! Leaving L.A. isn't so bad, right?


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