Sunday, July 17, 2011

My special, long-time friends

When I went back to Missouri for Jared and Shelby's wedding, I got to see a couple of my childhood friends. We haven't all been together since graduation, more than 13 years ago. One lives nearby, but one was only in town while her husband finished basic training. These are friends who I know will always stand by me, no matter what, or how long it's been since we saw each other, or how far away we are. I love them!

My boys were just starting their drive from California, so they didn't get to come hang out with us, but Janey's cute boys were there, and Teri's adorable son and daughter. Here are a few pics from our fast-food picnic at the park.

Clay: almost 2!

Little Levi: just turned 4!

Emily: gonna be in kindergarten!

Spencer: big 3rd grader!

Emily, Teri, Spencer, Clay, me, Janey, and Levi
Friends are so special. So glad we got together.

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  1. I hadn't looked at the blogs in a while. I for one am sooo excited about your move to the lone star state.... we have some friends in Dallas and have been planning a trip to visit... just haven't nailed down the date yet. great pics of Jared's wedding, and wow can't believe how much time you all spent makeing the monopoly game....that is cool. and so much better than just buying it... the fun is in the details.


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