Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School - 2010

Levi is a big kindergartener now, and loved getting his things ready.  His teacher is Mrs. Barnett, who seems very friendly.  He knows a few kids in kindergarten, but none are in his class.  Not that it matters for him, Mr. Charm and Charisma.  He'll have a dozen friends by Friday, I'm sure.  We also found out that one of his t-ball buddies is moving to the neighborhood, and is in 1st grade at Valley View now.  We are all very excited about this!  Hank and Levi get along really well.

A.J. made a big leap this year, too.  He's a 4th grader now, but because of numbers of students, is in a 4th/5th split class.  There are 8 4th graders, and 28 5th graders.  Some of those kids are huge!  He knows half of the 4th graders in his class, but none are his close friends.  He also stays an extra 25 minutes each day, which seems like forever to him.  His teacher is Mr. Bender.  He's never had a man before, so this is new territory, but he seems like a lot of fun. 

We always take a picture by the sign.  On the first day, and the last day.

A close up of my two cuties.  Yes, they're wearing matching shoes. :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe 4th grade. I hate that AJ has such a big class, but I'm sure he'll pick up all the fifth grade stuff, so it could turn out ok. Are we going backwards in education or what.
    Levi will own the class before the week is up---what do you mean, make friends.
    Those are definitely the two best looking students in the school.

  2. I'm with A.J. 25 minutes can be forever--especially when they are the last 25 minutes! I remember watching the clock in school. ;)

  3. I love back to school! Although I've never heard of a split clas. I can imagine that would be a bit intimidating to be one of theose 4th graders. AJ's got some moxie though, so he'll do great.


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