Sunday, July 25, 2010


        Hello there, it's A.J.
  We had a great time in Missouri. First up The Moeglings. At least I had a good time there. We weren't there for to long. Next up Grandma Belcher! We went to Perkins. I ate my food, at least 1/3 of Levi's food and a bite of Mommy's food. What a breakfast! Third up, Brenda and Edgar! I killed Edgar in baseball 16-0,and in basketball 6-0.  Fourth up, Grandma Jan and Grandpa Bob! I went to a Cardinal game, and the Cardinals beat the A's, 4-3. We went to the zoo. I saw otters and a raccoon, and geese walking around in the park! I also saw deer and tigers and a mountain lion and a jaguar and a lion. On Tuesday, Grandma Jan took us up to Columbia and Grandpa Al took us to his house. So of course, last but not least, Grandpa Al and Grandma Joy! We went to Sawyer's Creek and played miniature golf. I beat Grandpa Al by 1, +26 to +27. We also played bumper boats. We played with Jasper until he had to go to the doggy hotel. 

And now, for the Grand Finale, the drive to Georgia! Not really a Grand Finale, is it? Oh, well, let's just get to talking. We played the alphabet game. It's pretty fun, but after, like, 3 or 4 games, your head starts to hurt. Here's how you play. First, you say "I'm going to (wherever you're going) and I'm gonna take (anything that starts with A)." And the next person says "I'm going to (wherever you're going) and I'm gonna take (whatever the first person said) and (anything that starts with B.)" And so it went, on and on and on, until the game's over. That night, we slept in Chattanooga, in the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. It was a pretty nice hotel. The next day, we got to Tybee Island at about 10:15pm! That's pretty late, isn't it? Not for us! It was only 7:15 for me. We had to carry all those luggages...up the elevator! Pretty neat, isn't it?

Bye, everybody! See you in the next post!


  1. A.J., you are a wonderful story teller. Your trip to Missouri sounds exciting. Your Great Grandmother Belcher loved getting to see all of you for breakfast at Perkins and then again on Tuesday when you, Levi and I ate our lunch at her apartment. She loves hearing from you and having you over for a visit.

    Grandpa and I had a wonderful time with you and Levi. The Cardinal Baseball game was really fun and so was the zoo. Did you find as many hay bales on the remainder of your trip as your did from St. Louis to Springfield and then to Columbia? You and Levi did a great job counting the hay bales. Thanks again for sharing your story about your vacation. It sounds like you had a great time. Enjoy the remainder of your summer. We wish you and Levi a fantastic time in school this year.
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. I went to Tybee Island and I took AJ.
    Your turn!

  3. I went to Tybee Island and I took AJ and Brenda.

  4. All I could think about while reading this was the humidity . . . HA! I'm sad we missed seeing you guys one last time too. Happy Birthday coming up to A.J.!


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