Thursday, March 25, 2010

New journals and Bistagne's first win!

A.J. mentioned a journal the other day, so when I was at Target last time, I picked up a simple composition notebook for him.  I also happened upon a cool one for little guys that has space for drawings at the top and the lines are extra wide for new writers.  So, both boys got a journal.  They were awfully excited to get it, and immediately sat down and started writing.

 Levi wears that silly sweatband all the time.  He loves it. 

And in other news, A.J.'s team won their first game!  I wasn't sure if that would happen this year.  His team is quite small, and most are rather inexperienced.  However, they have made huge strides just in the last couple of weeks, once the games started.  A.J. ended up only playing first base in this game because he smashed his hand into the corner of our chimney while playing basketball on Monday and bruised his fingers pretty badly.  He could catch fine, but throwing was another matter.  It's been a crazy season so far, having two kids playing, and A.J. has moved up a level and now plays two games a week.

Always ready.  We've had other coaches comment on #42 and how hard he plays.  It kind of makes me proud. :)  Notice the tape on his right hand...that's to try to hold the bandages on.


  1. Wow the journals are so cool. I started on in 1984. and I have been writing in it ever since. I love to look back at those early writtings sometimes because...I forgot I did so many things and had so much fun! I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did and it will be so cool to look back one day and see what you did when you where 8 years old!

  2. What a wonderful idea to write in your own journals, A.J. and Levi. This is something you will treasure all of your life. Keep up the great job.

    Congratulations on your baseball win, A.J. You really look like a professional ball player. We look forward to seeing you play some day.

    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  3. I love composition notebooks! They are so simple and inviting--the perfect venue for writing about adventures and dreams.


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