Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A pitching sequence

A.J. is on a kid-pitch team this fall, and he is usually the starting pitcher. A couple of others have come a long way in their pitching techniques, but because A.J. prefers to spend every waking hour thinking about, playing, and dreaming about baseball, he has some advantage over those who simply "love" baseball. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a compiled pitching sequence. This is over several batters, but is representative.



Reach back.




Follow through.

Conference by the umps after you question their call at first.


  1. Wow I am impressed AJ you are a great pitcher... with really nice follow through I think I need to forward your pictures on to the Cardnials so they can see that in a few years they will have good pitching.

  2. A.J., you are a future pro. The seriousness and determination is not only in your actions, but also in your eyes. We hope your team does well this year. You are a great example and leader for your team and for all of the teams you compete against. Keep up the great job.


    Grandma and Grandpa

  3. That's impressive! I think A.J. could out pitch me anyday. :)

  4. wow! he looks so proffessional! When did he grow up?? Its so not fair!! Dylan is growing up so fast too! Hard to believe they are baptized now!! ugh. lets put books on their heads and see if they will stop growing up!!! ;)


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