Thursday, October 8, 2009

Now we know

That Dodger fans are the rudest we've ever seen. Never before have I felt unwelcome as a visitor to a ballpark in the away jersey. Not only were we unwelcome, but Cardinal fans were booed just for walking up to stairs to go to the concession stands. Even when we were ahead, it was the worst game I have ever attended. It was unbelievable what they yelled at us as we walked past. Especially considering the boys were there. After the game was over, there was one fan who was kind enough to try to console A.J., who had tears streaming down his face. He was saying things like, "Hey, they played well," or "we're all baseball fans." A couple of guys were nice enough to curtail their language when the noticed the boys. Most of them were just obnoxious 20-somethings that would probably be out-pitched by A.J. It was still rather disconcerting, and we waited until the stadium was mostly empty before walking to the parking lot. I had joked with Ms. Candy (Levi's teacher) yesterday that if we got mugged or shot she would know why, but I didn't think we would really be at risk!

I will cheer for the Dodgers if we go to a game that doesn't involve the Cardinals, but I will never be a Dodger fan.


  1. Grandpa and I watched the game and were sad that the Cardinals lost, but that is part of life, we cannot win all the games, but good sportsmanship should always be at the top. Excellent job A.J. for your great comments, even though you were around some very poor winners. A.J., you were the bigger man. Go Cardinals on their next game.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  2. Just have to say that I'm disgusted for you. There is a serious disconnect from manners and society that seems, sadly, more and more obvious.

  3. That is so unfortunate! I'm sorry you had that experience with your kids. Yes, it's so fun to cheer your team on - but it is STILL just a game, people! It's like common curtousy and good manners have all but dissappeared.

  4. You know what we say to that kind of foolishness here in the south? "Their mamas just didn't give them a good raisin'."

    Here's to better sportsmanship for them next time around. Go AJ!

  5. Wow, so sorry you experienced that. Have you thought about writing a letter to the team owners/managers/whoever to share your experience? You could suggest it might be good PR for the team overall if they started a sportsmanship campaign to encourage their fans to be respectful and tolerant of opposing fans.

  6. Wow. That is ridiculous. Some people are pretty pathetic.


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