Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Levi at the park

Yesterday was Levi's last day of school. They close for a few days to prepare for the summer program (which we are calling summer camp.) So we made a big deal about him finishing school, and he gets to choose what to do today. He chose to go to the park this morning.

I took some pictures, which by the end turned into a photo shoot, with Levi posing like a model. It was pretty funny. Here are a few of them.

On the jungle gym. Yep, that's your Interstate Batteries hat, Al.

Posing by the steering wheel. This is when he started the silliness.

Looking all serious with the railing.

Aren't I hot? Oh, yeah. I am.

Such a cute face.

Does anyone else see headshots in this kid's future?


  1. Mom's better prepare to hide their daughters! He's gonna be dangerous in more ways than one!
    Happy 4th guys!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the park, Levi. Congratulations for finishing a year at your school. We hope you have a great time at camp this summer.


    Grandma and

  3. That is awesome that he posed for you. Work it Levi!


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