Thursday, December 11, 2008

the things I learned...

...while on facebook. A.J. loves to play computer games, especially ones involving knowledge. He discovered that facebook has a number of these games, and so likes to tool around with it. Last night, as I was getting him signed in (to my page, he doesn't have his own) I saw that a high school classmate had added me as a friend, so I clicked on her page. Her picture included her boyfriend, whom A.J. promptly called her husband. I tried explaining what the difference between dating and marriage is. We got on a whole discussion of the temple, because he had put together that since you are old enough to go to the temple at 12, and that you get married in the temple, that must be what you do there when you go at age 12. Uh, no. We got that all straightened out. Whew.
He's had marriage on the brain for a few months now, and while I was explaining that you date people to find out if you share interests and such, he said, "Well, Rachel (a girl he's been in class with every year so far, K-2) and I have a lot in common."
Something about the way he said it led me to wonder if there was more to the story. So, I asked, "Did you already ask her to marry you?"
"Yeah. She said, 'No.'"

So, my son has already asked a girl to marry him. And he's been turned down. And, knowing him, I recognize that this is no typical playground romance. He's serious. He thinks he should know right now who he will marry. Oh, boy. I have many long years ahead of me, I think.


  1. WOW, A.J., let's slow down and enjoy growing up before you worry about who you will marry. There is a lot to learn about girls and life in general before you ask the big question "Will you marry me?" You are very smart, handsome and have a wonderful personality, so in the next 15 - 20 years, just be your sweet self and the right gal will come your way. You will know that she is the right one and everything will fall in place.


    Grandma and Grandpa Sudholt

  2. LOL That is an awsome story! You can threaten to tell it to all the girls he brings home...when he is actually old enough to be dating seriously. I wonder what his story would have been like if she had said "yes."

  3. Whew! Dodged a buullet there! :)


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