Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to so thoroughly enjoy the misery of team rivals. We just watched the Mizzou-Nebraska game. It was lovely. The fifth game in a row that Mizzou has scored more than 50 points. The second string offense came in...again. They were up 45-10 and Aaron asked, "well, what should we do now?" and I said, "watch the rest of the blowout, of course." I loved watching the huskers get pulverized. Ahhh, what a beautiful thing.
As soon as it was over, we switched to the Cubs-Dodgers game. The Cubs are in danger of being the first team eliminated from the post season, and it's fantastic. We like the Dodgers, as long as they're not playing the Cards, of course, but it's the Cubs-Cards rivalry that makes their elimination so great. Not to mention the 100 year world series drought, the longest in baseball. All the other "cursed" teams (White Sox, Red Sox, Angels) have won within the last six years. Except the Cubs. They have so many curses they've piled on themselves at this point it's ridiculous. The billy goat, Steve Bartman, black cat, and who knows what else they've decided has cursed them over the years. Their stadium is losing chunks of concrete, the team and the stadium are on separate auction blocks, and four players with no or not ending their names: Zambrano, Soriano, Fontenot, and Cedeno. I don't know how they expect to win with all that bad karma. hehehe. Oh, I love it. Sports are great.


  1. Bethany,

    I did not realize you were so adamant about teams and who won and who lost. Anyway, I am glad that Mizzou won also.

    We sure were excited to hear that a new Temple was announced at General Conference on Saturday for the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The land has been purchased, but the exact location was not announced. Depending where it is located, it might be closer than St. Louis. The other four are out of the US.

    Bob and I took Grandma's wedding ring to her that Garry Adams fixed. She was thrilled and it fit her just fine. She has to wear it on the right hand, but she was excited to have it anyway.

    We then drove to Washington, MO to attend the viewing for Paul Ballmann. He had only been married to Carla for three years when he died last week swimming in the ocean. Carla is Aunt Olivia's daughter. She had been married to a real jerk and finally got a divorce and then married Paul who was a tremendous guy.

    We saw Karen at the viewing and then the three of us went to Uncle Wally's and Aunt Lela's for pizza and a fun visit. Uncle Wally uses a wheelchair all the time now.

    Karen will have her hip replacement on October 10th. Judy will arrive either the 10th or 12, so we are going to try to see her and Karen on the 18th.

    Hope all is going well for A.J. and his medical tests. Have the doctors said anything yet? What was the blood work for?

    Take care.



  2. Oh, no! It's not wrong! I take absolute delight when the Jayhawks lose to ANYONE! The Huskers too. Now we need to talk if you're taking too much joy in K-State losing...we may have an issue there. ;>)

  3. Tami,

    I knew someone would understand! The wildcats were the football powerhouse when I was at Mizzou, I even had to endure hearing the cheers as I walked back to my car a full mile and a half from the stadium. I think after the Jayhawks' going to a BCS game and getting pummeled, and Mizzou only going to the cotton bowl, I have more dislike for Jayhawks than Wildcats. Besides, wildcats are much cuter. If we lived closer, I would invite your family over to watch the Jayhawks-Mizzou game in Nov. We could cheer together.


  4. Sounds good to me! You're right, Cats of any kind are much cuter than a fictional bird! :) Maybe we could have a virtual watch party. ;>)


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