Friday, May 23, 2008

" the merry, merry month of May."

Well the pace of this month hasn't exactly been like a stroll through the park, I can tell you that. It started out with Bethany spending Mother's Day weekend doing fieldwork at Catalina. As soon as she got home on Mother's Day, she and the boys had to take me to the airport as I had to spend 2 weeks on an exam in Phoenix. I just got back from there yesterday and tomorrow Bethany is flying to the east coast to attend Jon's graduation in New Haven! She's excited to get to go as she's flying through JFK airport and will get to see a little bit of NYC.

A couple of photos then I gotta run.

First up the boys playing out back with our neighbor, Eddie. His family lived downstairs from us, but just bought a house and moved up the road a bit.

20080406 (6)

Next, we tagged along on a fieldtrip that one of Bethany's classes went on down to Newport. The boys had fun in the low tide.

20080412 (5)

20080412 (3)

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  1. Hi ya all... sounds like you been keeping kinda busy... me too so I just wanted to Say Hi. Edgar and So say Hi too. Edgar won an inflatable Kayak. In a drawing for fishing stuff. it's pretty cool. I'll post pictures soon. anyway gettin kinda tired time for bed. Brenda


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