Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Spring

Spring has sprung, here at least, but hopefully where you are as well. Of course it's always beautiful here, although the increase of sunshine and the beginning of t-ball/baseball season are indeed welcome events for our household. AJ's had his first two t-ball games already and Bethany is on spring break this week. I read that this year Easter falls one day after the earliest it will ever fall ( the earliest being March 22), but that only happens every few hundred years or so. Interesting, interesting.

Well how bout some photos...

First up, Levi's Birthday:

Chocolate cake was OK...

But what he really wanted was his favorite, carrots with dip.

And now for something completely different...

Kids In Cages:

These were taken at the old LA Zoo, which we hiked up to back in January. It's pretty cool, but you can tell why they had to move; those cages would have been really small for whatever animals they had in there. The new LA Zoo is much better and still improving. Hopefully we'll see it completed soon.


  1. Happy Late Birthday Levi!!! I would love to come back to LA and not be sick! I am a bit jealous as Sarah and Al and Joy are in Florida now. ifact they are leaving Epocot center now. I think that would be really fun.... I have yet to talk edgar into florida. So we will be returning to Colorado for vacation again this year. We missed so much there and had a truely wonderful time.... I think it would be great to put all our schedules together and get one big family trip... somewhere in the middle. That would be cool. But the so would florida, california, the northwest the northeast... Okay I think I just want to travel. I have gotten a package deal on cardnial tickets this year and we will be going to at least one game per month. the first is April 19th we will be in the 9th row of the bleachers just above the away teams bullpin... should air on FSmidwest. don't know if you get that channel... but if you do I will be the one dodgeing the homerun ball speeding towards me and Edgar plans to be the one catching it. How's T-ball/baseball season going for AJ? Bet you guys are loving it... Enjoy your spring break Bethany... I am sure you don't have many left. TTFN

  2. Brenda, I got aaron tickets for the cardinal game out here friday may 23, we'll be down by the cards bullpen in the front section, home run territory. He turns 30 this year, so I had to do something kinda big. You'll probably be able to see us if there's any balls hit toward the foul pole or the bullpen. Watch for us!

  3. Cool! I will. Wait a minute Aaron's birthday is in August. guess the cards don't get to LA every day. I put up a new post today.... ttfn


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